Direct, or substantive, dyes are applied to the fabric from a hot aqueous solution of the dye. Under these conditions, the dye is more soluble and the wettability of natural fibers is increased, improving the transport of dye molecules into the fabric. In many cases, the fabric is pretreated with metallic salts or mordants to improve the fastness and to vary the colour produced by a given dye,

Properties and Applications:

Direct dyes are mainely used for to dye cellulose materials, such as cotton. this dyes is windely used in paper industry.
It is also be used for proteins fibre such as, silk and wool matrials.
It is used for dyeing of paper Or paper related materials. it is also used for dyeing of leather materials.

1 Direct Yellow 6 Direct Dyes Yellow 3GX
2 Direct Yellow 11 Direct Dyes Paper Yellow T
3 Direct Yellow 12 Direct Dyes Crysophinine
4 Direct Yellow 44 Direct Dyes Yellow 5GLL H/C
5 Direct Yellow 44 Direct Dyes Yellow 5GLL
6 Direct Yellow 50 Direct Dyes Yellow RSLW
7 Direct Yellow 86 Direct Dyes Yellow RL
8 Direct Yellow 99 Direct Dyes Sunfast Yellow RCH
9 Direct Orange 26 Direct Dyes Orange SE 200%
10 Direct Orange 39 Direct Dyes Orange TGLL 200%
11 Direct Orange 108 Direct Dyes Viscose Orange BRO
12 Direct Red 23 Direct Dyes Scarlet 4BS
13 Direct Red 31 Direct Dyes Red 12B
14 Direct Red 80 Direct Dyes Light Red BLN
15 Direct Red 81 Direct Dyes Red 5B
16 Direct Red 81 Direct Dyes Red 5B 200%
17 Direct Violet 9 Direct Dyes Violet MB
18 Direct Violet 51 Direct Dyes Brill Violet HELIO B
19 Direct Blue 1 Direct Dyes Sky Blue FBC
20 Direct Blue 15 Direct Dyes Sky Blue FFH
21 Direct Blue  67 Direct Dyes Blue JJR
22 Direct Blue  71 Direct Dyes Blue GLL
23 Direct Blue  71 Direct Dyes Blue GLL 200%
24 Direct Blue  80 Direct Dyes Fast Blue RLL
25 Direct Blue  86 Direct Dyes Tur. Blue SBL
26 Direct Blue  199 Direct Dyes Fast Tur. Blue FBL
27 Direct Green  26 Direct Dyes Green JJR
28 Direct Green  96 Direct Dyes Green NB
29 Direct Black  22 Direct Dyes Black GR
30 Direct Black  80 Direct Dyes Diazo Black OB
31 Direct Black  155 Direct Dyes Diazo Black BF