Maruti Dyechem is leading manufacturer of basic dyes .Many of the basic dyes are sparingly soluble in water.The addition of glacial acetic acid helps to dissolve the basic dye quickly in water.Basic dyes are readily soluble in alcohol or mentholated spirit.The basic dyes are poor fastness to light and vary with regard to washing fastnessfrom poor to moderate.

An important property of basicdyes is that they will combine with tannic acid to form an insoluble compound provided mineral acid is absent.The wet fastness of the basic dyes on protein fibres can also be improved by back tanning.This consists of after treating the dyed material with tannic acid in order to form the insoluble complete thereby reducing the tendency to migrate.

When treated with a reducing agent most of the basic dyes get converted into their colors less leuco compounds, return to their original color by oxidizing agents or even by exposure to air.Basic dyes are also used for making inks, typewriter ribbons and dyeing leather.
Most application of Basic Dyes :

Cut flowers
Dried flower
Acrylic fibers
Paper / Craft

Basic Astraphoxine Basic Red 12
Basic Auramine O Basic Yellow 2
Basic Bismark Brown Y/G Basic Brown 1
Basic Chrysodine R Basic Orange 1
Basic Chrysodine Y Basic Orange 2
Basic Magenta Baisc Violet 2
Basic Malachite Green Crystal Basic Green 4
Basic Methyl Violet 2B Baisc Violet 1
Basic Methylene Blue Basic Blue 9
Basic Rhodamine B Basic Violet 10
Basic Victoria Blue B Basic Blue 26
Basic Bismark Brown R Basic Brown 4
Basic Brilliant Green Crystal Basic Green 1
Basic Gentian Violet Baisc Violet 3